Plants for Your Flower Garden, Making The Right Choices

Information Card, usually found in the pot with the plant

Choosing the right plants for your flower garden is key to the success of your gardening project. Not only do you need to consider what colors you want, but the height of the plants as well. For your garden to be successful, you need to pay special attention to the type of plants you intend to place in your garden. Different plants need different conditions in order for them to live and thrive.

So how do you ensure that the plants you want will do well in the location you want them? Thankfully, we don’t need to be a botanist to know. Most green houses and home improvement centers have done all the homework for you. The plants are usually grouped together by their category and the conditions that the plant needs in order to grow. They also have tags placed in the pots with them that have all the information that you should need in order to make sure you are getting a plant that will work well in the location you have picked out for it.

Backside of Plant Information Card

Backside of Plant Information Card

Category: Annual or Perennial, an Annual is only good for one season and a Perennial will come back year after year. So choose these plants based on whether or not you will want to change them for next year or if you would like them to return each year in the same location.

Conditions: Some plants like the sun, lots of sun. Others do well in the morning sun but will dry out and die if exposed to the hot late afternoon sun. And others do well in partial shade and still others do best if in complete shade. Also consider the soil conditions, some plants need moist soil and others do quite well in dry sandy soil, and some like it in between. So you can see that there are a lot of choices to consider. Don’t place a shade loving plant, like Hosta, in full sun and dry soil, they will burn up and die.

Use the tags on the plants to help you make your selection so that you get the right plant for the right location. That’s how even the most novice gardener can have a truly successful flower garden that will impress your family and friends.

Have fun with your home improvement projects.